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Register for Casino Rama Class Action

Anyone who received the letter should register on our enhanced secure registration system, even if they have previously communicated with any of the lawyers or law firms listed at this site. Registration on the system will assist counsel in prosecuting the class action and assessing what damages were suffered by the class as a whole.

There is no financial obligation to register. Once you register we will notify you of all important developments via email. See  Class Action Fees.

Charney Lawyers is experienced in litigating class actions.

Are/were you an employee, customer or vendor of Casino Rama? *

Are you interested in getting involved in this class action as a representative plaintiff? *

I acknowledge that by registering on this system, I have consented to receiving email notifications about the class action, the law firm’s services and class actions where Charney Lawyers is counsel to the email address that I provided.*

For more information, please visit Charney Lawyers.